‘Exciting and moving, beautiful prose. There is much that when read one can say “indeed yes” – near to poetry. [...] It should be read slowly and with reflection.’

Iris Murdoch
Novelist  and  Philosopher   (quote  given  in   the
summer of 1995 about the first half – parts 1 & 2)

‘Morison writes with quiet fervour about matters that concern us all. His is a voice of sanity in a troubled age, and his secular message of love, trust and truth telling between persons richly deserves to be heard.’

Malcolm Bowie
Former master of Christ’s College Cambridge, and  Marshal Foch Professor of
French Literature in the University of Oxford and a Fellow of All Souls College

‘Mr. Morison’s prose might first appear as an exercise in determined eccentricity. I advise you to read on and encounter an individual of uncompromising integrity, independence, courage, and intelligence.’

Michael Donaghy. Poet – winner of the Forward and Whitbread prizes for poerty.

The Essays


The Dancefloor

Science Fiction and the Novels of Iain M. Banks
‘I enjoyed this essay a lot; a fine caring and polemical piece. It makes  a  lot of  good points about  the  Culture -  probably  a better and more concise introduction to it than I could manage.’
Iain Banks


Manifesto, The Essay